Welcome to the corporate site of Nelidova Records. We are a new label created by a group of dedicated and talented musicians who have been active participants in the Hollywood film music industry for over twenty years. We have embarked on this adventure to make high quality recordings of music that we ourselves love to listen to (in fact, much of what we will release we will have had first hand in creating!)

We are currently involved in several projects in some rather diverse areas (click the banners below to get more details on what we are up to) and are very excited to share our progress with you! One project in production is our Christmas CD that we will be releasing in time for next (2002) Christmas. We will be going to Moscow later in the year to record 50 minutes or so of all new large orchestral arrangements of 16 Christmas classics. We are also in production on a Lullabye CD with a smaller more intimate ensemble of string quartet, flute, guitar and harp. Our most current project is a joint endeavor with the Los Angeles Flute Orchestra. We are producing a CD of Christmas music with this fantastic performing ensemble.

Check back often to see our progress on these projects. Thanks for dropping by!
For those of you looking for our free promotional giveaway we are sorry to inform you that it is no longer available. Thanks for visiting nonetheless. Our best wishes to you!
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