Nelidova Records is very proud to present their upcoming CD release MOONSONGS: Lullabies from the Land of Dreams. This wonderful collection of favorite classics and exciting new original songs were created by the same creative team that is currently producing "Noel: A Christmas Celebration" with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. With over 20 years of arranging and orchestrating experience for some of Hollywood's greatest artists and productions including the score to "Barney's Great Adventure," "Animaniacs," "Pinky and The Brain" and collaborations with artists such as Van Dyke Parks, Julian Lennon and Brian Wilson, Ron Goldstein and Todd Hayen skillfully apply their talents to this collection of bedtime songs and melodies. Artfully sung by the award winning Laura Goldstein these beautiful renditions will bring hours of pleasure for any mother and child.

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  • Pretty Little Horses
  • Danny Boy
  • Lakme
  • Edelweiss
  • Nature Boy
  • Scarlet Ribbons
  • Lavender's Blue
  • Beautiful Dreamer
  • Scarboro Fair
  • Over the Rainbow
  • and many more!
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original CD cover art by Tara Bell.
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Recorded with a small intimate ensemble including a string quartet, flute, harp and guitar being performed by some of Hollywood's top recording musicians. To learn more about the recording click here.
Fill out the form below to reserve your copy ofiiMoonsongs: Lullabies from the Land of Dreams for the low preproduction price of $9.99. When the CD is available we will contact you with the invitation to then buy the CD at this low price-but there is no obligation to do so!
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