Several years ago composer/orchestrator Todd Hayen approached his colleague Ron Goldstein and asked if he would be interested in collaborating on a Christmas CD utilizing a large symphony orchestra. Although, through the years, there have been many fine"pops" orchestra recordings of Christmas music Todd was looking for something a bit more ambitious--something contemporary yet not "rhythm" based. The idea would be to create a set of arrangements that would be in the style of Hollywood film music--bright, vibrant and colorful, not conservative and stodgy as so many orchestral Christmas arrangements have become. Although several years have passed the dream that Todd and Ron had after those initial conversations have finally come to reality with this CD release. Here is the story of how the music and this extraordinary CD came about. You will find interviews here with the arrangers, documentation on their exciting trip to Moscow to record and in depth profiles on all that have been involved with this project.

Stay tuned as we approach our departure date in the late winter of 2001 to Moscow to begin recording! We are presently preparing the orchestrations and the parts and planning in detail our trip.

On these pages we will discuss the orchestra, the choices we made regarding the instrumentation, the choice of carols we included in the CD among many other things. Please let us know if there is anything in particular you would like for us to discuss! Email either Todd or Ron and we will get back to you as soon as possible--when we take a break from all of the notes we are frantically scribbling! (last update: August 15, 2000)

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